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Handmade guitars

Here you will find an overview of custom built guitars (with specs and detailed photos).

Every guitar is fully handmade in the studio. To ensure quality, we work on a maximum of three guitars at a time.

When you decide to get a custom built guitar, you have the opportunity to choose the type of wood from our selected pieces yourself. Building the guitar takes an average of four to six months and is dependent on how extensive your wishes are.

Also featured here is a variety of repair and refinish work.

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The Midgard is designed as a modern metal guitar, 24 stainless steel frets, 16” fretboard radius, deep body…

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The Elysium is my take on the famous S-type guitars! I started with the shape of the Midgard…

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The Valkyrie is a classic design for heavy rock riffs! You can order one with a set neck…

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Refinish with relic

Sometimes you want to have a guitar that feels like a old and worn instrument. Well that’s possible!…

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